The 7 best rituals for closing out 2017

With the New Year approaching it is the perfect time to Reflect and Renew.   For just about everyone I know, 2017 was filled with trauma, tragedy, uncertainty or tremendous challenge. There are those who have just managed to skid in sideways as the year wraps up,... read more

The best kept anti aging secret there is …

I heard this term recently … to age is to SAGE.    I so needed this reminder. That with age, comes great wisdom. Western culture has such a hang up about getting older. Particularly for women. With every passing year, feeling more and more unseen,... read more

Read this if you’ve had it with your kids!

You are a nightmare!!   This been my catch cry a lot lately. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but it’s true. For the last little while, I have spat this statement towards my teething, clingy, rise-for-the-day-at-4:30am, 18 month old daughter. It’s been my throw... read more

The benefits of listening vs giving advice

Last week I sucked at giving advice.   I had front row tickets to the reminder show – Presence trumps Ego. Two separate occasions, two totally different outcomes. Situation one was a friend in need of a good vent. She had shit to get off her chest about... read more

Au Pairs … Good for the family or not?

To all the overwhelmed mama’s of young kids out there, have you ever had or considered an Au Pair?   Tomorrow we welcome our 3rd Au Pair to the family. It’s been 4 months since we had a wonderful ‘big sister’ staying and helping out for 6 months at a time, and... read more

Why Mothers are Queens

A milestone happened in our house this week.   I breastfed for the last time. EVER. Our 17 month old weaned and the timing was perfect for all of us.   For almost 7 years and 3 babies I have dedicated my time, energy, body and self to growing tiny humans... read more

Not everyone knows what they want

If I was to ask you: “What do you really want in your life right now?”   Would you be able to answer the question easily? And not with a stock standard response like “more money” or “more time” – although those are great... read more

Comparing yourself to others? Here’s how to stop

We all do it. Compare ourselves to someone else’s journey. It’s human nature to look over THERE and think that what we have over HERE is not enough. My biggest area for growth this past year has been in my business. It has also been the year we added a third kid to... read more

Why I want to give up

Do you ever wish you could just be satisfied with a quote, unquote – average life? One where you didn’t strive to better yourself or the world. A life where going for your goals was less alluring and you found more joy in staying right where you are. A... read more
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