Mama Goddess Programs

Mama Goddess Hypno Meditations are a mix of Meditation, NLP and Hypnosis. This style of meditation is designed to particularly help those with busy, overwhelmed minds, go deeper in to relaxation faster. Using carefully selected language patterns and embedded suggestions, these style of meditations speak to the unconscious mind of the listener offering them the ability to easily let go of struggle and access deeper wisdom, healing and insight from within. When the conscious or ‘busy’ mind is given the opportunity to relax and take the back seat, our ability to access guidance and profound peace from our heart is accelerated.

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My 7 Day Meditation Program will assist you to awaken the vibrant, clear energy of life within you.

  • Feel more calm and centered in yourself
  • Feel more clear, open light and in flow with life
  • Be able to trust yourself and the decisions you make more
  • Feel more free, vibrant and alive on the inside
  • Become a magnet of divine energy so that more desirable things flow into your life.

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Well hello there miracle maker! That’s what you are, you know. Your body is literally crafting an absolute miracle as you read this. Just think, this little being chose YOU to be their mama, which is quite something. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably knee deep in researching the absolute best ways to welcome baby earth side. You care deeply about the kind of experience you want and you intend to birth with ease and grace.

You know the birth you dream of is possible, but you also know you need tools, teachings and proven techniques to help you achieve it.

But that’s not all you need.

You’re looking for guidance to help you go deeper, explore further, tune in on another level. You believe in the unseen energies of the Universe and you plan to be in communion with your guides, Source and baby during pregnancy and labour. You want to be able to sing your angel earth side with a wild and free heart.

I get it, I SO GET IT and I believe I have exactly what you’re looking for …

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EMPOWER yourself during pregnancy and birth with these FREE sacred birthing mantras.


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