Christine Butler-Gilbert – Professional Registered Counsellor

Kim (Mama Goddess) helped me prepare for the birth of my first baby which ended up just as I had hoped – a natural home water birth. Kim offers a generous and unique combination of skills and experience for birthing women that I haven’t ever found anywhere else; aside from being one of the wisest, most intuitive, mindful, spirit-connected, and heart-centered human beings I have ever known, she brings to the table her own beautiful experience birthing three children, her extensive experience as an intuitive coach, her meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis practice and teachings, her wisdom of the body, and her genuine embodiment of what it means to be living a whole mind-body-spirit life.


Kim’s support helped me move through any fears and doubts I had about birthing and becoming a mother, she helped me reconnect to my body’s innate wisdom and knowledge, to my sacred power as a birthing woman, my own system of beliefs and values, my support system – both human and spiritual – giving me the CONFIDENCE to make empowered choices about my birth and my body, from a place of love and trust (vs fear), while also providing me with practical tools to prepare my mind, body and heart for this incredible rite of passage (such as her meditations).

Prior to this, Kim had also helped me heal from the grief of two miscarriages and trust my body despite living with a chronic health challenge. For me, I knew I wanted to have a one water birth. While I prepared myself, I also remembered that there are many aspects of birth we can’t control, but that we can prepare ourselves to make aligned and empowered choices along the way, not matter how events unfold. While this is true, I was fortunate to have the birth of my dreams. I KNOW that every choice I had the courage to make along the way helped lay the foundation for my husband and I to welcome our beautiful daughter at home, in a pool, through a peaceful, powerful, sacred and intimate birthing experience.

Kim was a key factor is me creating this experience.  I will forever be grateful to Kim for helping me create this experience for myself and even more so for my daughter who had the chance to begin her journey earthside this way.  Its an experience we can never ever recreate, we only get once chance at every birth, and it is SO worthwhile to have the courage to make empowered choices to create the sacred birthing experience we long for.

Stacey Lamb – Teacher and mama of 2

Kim’s meditations helped to remind me, amidst a busy work/life schedule, of the amazing gift that pregnancy is and of the incredible power and awesomeness of our female bodies. After each meditation I was left feeling relaxed, empowered and filled with wonder at my own body. Kim’s words helped to remind me to be awed by the female experience of procreation, to remain body positive and to forgive myself for feeling less than ‘perfect’ at times, by knowing that I was in fact, perfect in my perceived imperfection.

After what I had often referred to as a “traumatic” first birth experience, Kim’s wisdom and nurturing support during my second pregnancy helped me to see all of the positive experiences that I had had during my first birth, rather than focusing on the things that “went wrong”. I learned to channel that positivity into the preparations for my second birth. I quickly moved away from “what ifs” to “I can’t waits!” Though a big part of me desired a homebirth, I made the decision to have a natural hospital birth. Rather than pushing for me to reconsider, Kim supported my decision and helped me to feel confident in discussing my birth preferences with my caregivers. Kim’s enthusiasm and excitement about my pregnancy and birth was infectious(!) and I knew that I was going to have the birth experience I desired!

My beautiful boy was born into the water without intervention or interruption on 22nd March, 2017. A truly empowering and healing experience.


Holly K – General Manager

I sought out Kim Newing’s counsel in the final stages of my pregnancy. Six of nine of those months had been incredibly stressful – parental illness, an international relocation, a new business and feelings of isolation as a result of the move were all factors that found me headed toward delivering our miracle baby in an anxious, fearful, and confused state.

Kim was a centred, honest and calm voice of reason, particularly when I was told my baby would need to be medically induced. The way Kim works is to guide you toward finding your own “right” path, rather than telling you what you should/shouldn’t do.

Kim helped me make the right decisions for our family by asking wise, gentle questions that cut through my internal confusion and the external noise. She was able to guide me toward solutions and other sources of advice.  Having two children herself and having lived a full and very “international” life, I found Kim to be uniquely equipped to provide the support I needed. Her life experience as an individual in no small way is part of what makes her so profoundly good to work with.

Jocelyn Smith Fernandez – Personal Assistant/Organizer

I spent years knowing I had fertility issues and when I got to a point of wanting to have kids, I spent years going through all the different tests and options when we finally got to a point where we were told IVF was our only option.

I did all that I was supposed to do and as the implantation day approached, my anxiety rose. I contacted Kim for a session before the implantation. I needed to talk things through to gain some clarity around the anxiety and apprehension I was feeling and I needed more than just a friend, I needed a professional to help me get to the bottom of what I was feeling – It is amazing the things that lie dormant that you aren’t even aware are causing anxiety and stress. I knew these feelings could affect my chances of conceiving first round so I wanted to make sure I sorted them out.

Being in session with Kim and having her listen, gently question, lead me in visualization and help me put a name to my thoughts and worries helped them to disappear. I was able to go to my implantation appointment with a clear head and open soul, with excitement and joy in my heart.

I was very fortunate to conceive with my first IVF treatment as I have known many who take a number of attempts. I now have a beautiful little girl and boy to show from it and I urge anyone struggling with fertility issues to have a session with Kim to dissolve any blocks that may be getting in the way of conceiving.

Kim continues to support me as I work through not only the new challenges of motherhood, but also being a new mother of twins and I am so grateful to have found her!

Hanna Hervall – Photographer

I am a very busy mum, wife and entrepreneur and often experience overwhelm and chaos. My experience in working with Kim as a coach was very calming and a very different feeling to what I’m used to. I felt I was in control and in my power and that some body was there listening, caring, and dedicated to helping me to where I want to go.

I felt that it was very powerful to have a sacred space to be asked thought provoking questions around my life and what I want and helping me to find my own answers that I now understand are always there, we just have to be quiet enough and connected within to listen.

I would describe the space Kim offers as very sacred, special, magical – where I felt fully heard and that I had a voice which was a really incredible experience and so valuable. The tools Kim used to get me out of my busy brain and on to paper and into my body helped me to put things in perspective and then in to action which had me experience remarkable results straight away. It was quite an emotional experience to be connected with my future self and vision of what I want for my family and life and those images have stayed with me since. From even just the first session with Kim, I was able to let go of my resistance to being organized and embrace the new way of being for myself that actually meant more freedom and flow to do more of the things I want to do and do them better and with more ease.

I would recommend Kim’s work to any woman or mother who is feeling overwhelmed or confused and in need of guidance and reconnecting with themselves.

Jill E – Mama & outstanding hairdresser

I first sought out Kim’s coaching services at a time when my life was so overwhelming I was experiencing anxiety almost daily. I was running my own business that I was trying to sell in between being a busy mum and wife. At the time I couldn’t see a way out.

Soon after working with Kim, I began to experience a sense of relief and hope that things would get better. She had me connect in to the part of myself that I had cut off. Finding my voice, my intuition, my passion for what I wanted – I was able to dream again instead of focusing on all that was happening that was hard. My dream was to sell my business by a specific date and to one day soon fall pregnant with our 2nd baby.

Although I couldn’t see how it was possible at the time – with Kim’s magic and her ability to help guide me to make the best decisions for myself and my family, I sold my business within the time frame I needed and soon had my 2nd beautiful baby boy. Her guidance and support helped me to remember the wisdom I have within me. She helped teach me how to be more mindful about the thoughts I choose and how taking care of my needs makes me a better mum and wife. Kim also reminded me of the power of goals and setting intentions and to honour the parts of myself that make me who I am – more than ‘just a mum’.

Dawn Lee – The Cognitive Soul

As a single mum with a busy coaching practice, I’ve often found myself dealing with the overwhelm of not quite knowing how to fit it all in.  It’s so easy to forget about the importance of down time, particularly time for myself.  After having conversations with Kim I was able to put into practice techniques which really helped me streamline my focus on my business in ways that also freed up time to focus on me, and bring back more peace and clarity.

I find Kim’s support invaluable, but more than that I find her to be totally inspirational in that she embodies her brand in a way that inspires me to do the same.  She is an incredibly talented human being who has a deep passion for bringing balance to motherhood, and I’m so grateful for the love, support and special gift that she brings to this world.

Suzie O’Connor – Accountant

I decided to work with Kim at a time when I felt that I wasn’t experiencing life like everyone else appeared to be. Balancing on the tightrope of life, I had tried so many different things but still got the same results over and over again, losing hope and belief in myself, which eventually manifested into anxiety and depression.

I instantly found a safe place with Kim through her calming, positive and nurturing energy. Kim carefully and intuitively guided me out of fear and anxiety, opening my eyes to a new world and a new way of seeing things. She has transformed how I approach life and the benefits have been amazing.

She has inspired me to take ownership of my life, get clear on what I want and to take action from this place to achieve my goals. She has showed me that when I surrender and let go, trusting my heart and how I feel – the beauty of my truth and vulnerability shines through and it creates magic. I have gone from a fearful girl, hiding away from my life, living in negative thoughts and feeling lost to fully showing up to my life, embracing all parts of me and living more in the present moment.

Kim has empowered me to be the best version of me, bringing me so much closer to my hopes and dreams. I am now living in a much freer state, experiencing more joy and less anxiety.



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