How do you FEEL about birth?

What kind of experience do you want to create? and do you think it’s possible for you?

I chose to document my last birth because I want to truly inspire and empower mothers. What I have experienced for all 3 of my births is nothing short of life altering and the reason I created my Sacred Birthing Program for women who want to create similar magic for themselves.

For my husband and I, these entries into parenthood have been some of the most awakening events in our lives. We, as a couple, have been forever changed. Our love has deepened, our connection strengthened and our belief in what is possible, confirmed. I bawl my eyes out every time I watch this video. My God, this man is my hero. The tenderness, the presence, the strength that I am held with, takes my breath away and allows me to open like a flower in full bloom.

Because of the support I felt. Because of the beliefs I hold. Because of my willingness to trust in myself and the Universe EVEN when I was uncertain – an ecstatic birth was once again possible.

… and now I choose to share this with you beautiful woman, so that you might be inspired to create magic for yourself in your own life and relationships ….

I believe there is nothing more powerful than the wisdom of a birthing mother’s full and open heart. When women are in alignment with the magic that resides at the core of their being, mountains are moved and miracles happen. When there is a partner of equal measure standing by her side – ecstasy is taken to a whole new level.

I want to show you just how incredible this journey can be. I want you to know, that if I can do it, you can too.

I have recently released my Sacred Birthing Program which will guide you towards creating an empowered, joyous, calm birth too. Click here to learn more about manifesting your Divine birth.




It is my mission to inspire you, to move you, to open your heart and mind to what is POSSIBLE during one of life’s most spectacularly spiritual events.

I have spent countless hours trying to articulate the magic that is woven in to the fabric of a sacred birthing experience. Trying to fit all of the facets and teachings of such a divine journey in to the structure of an essay using written words – well this proved to be quite the impossible task. Impossible because the teachings are NOT in the words, they are but in the KNOWING.

Six years and three ecstatic natural births later … my birthing video has finally expressed, what my pen could not do justice.

Charlotte birthPaige Brith  img_1984

I hope my offering opens a doorway to your soul, shining the light on the Goddess deep within who is ready to rise up, stand with you and courageously claim what is rightfully yours. Not just in birth, but in life also – for it is the empowered, heart centered, deeply connected women, who will change the world.








With all of my love,


** Sharing THIS side of myself with the world, is for me, pretty much the scariest thing I’ve done – and I’ve done a lot of scary stuff in my life!. Please treat it with the respect it deserves.

If you would like to ask me questions or share your own experience in the comments, I would be honoured to read them.

Please share my video with other beautiful souls, who are also champions of awakening the Goddess within. The world needs more glorious heart filled stories <3


There will be a number of birthing blog posts to follow. I will be unpacking the jewels, teachings, offerings and the full birth story for you as the weeks unfold from this first offering. (It may take a little while to complete everything I want to, as I do have 3 kids! haha!)

If you feel called and you’d like to learn the secrets of cultivating a sacred experience for yourself, you can learn more about me and my products here:



You can also find my Meditations for Awakening Women here:

7 Day Awaken the Goddess Program

Hypnotic meditations for Women

A special thanks goes out to the incredible team who helped me bring this magic to life. Firstly, my husband – for your ever present love, guidance, strength and support. Doula Liz – for mothering the mother, one of the most important roles in birth. For loving me, nurturing me and caring for my family – a gift of the greatest measure. And to beautiful Rachel from Red Tent Photography for capturing our miracle with such grace and reverence. We are forever grateful to you all.

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