Powerful Programs



Powerful Programs

How would your life be different if you trusted yourself more? If you could learn how to connect deeply to your inner knowing and allow your intuition to guide you?


More than just meditation, my audio programs are powerful teachings offering transformational tools, concepts and energy transmitions.


Specifically designed for women to turn inwards, connect with the wisdom of their body and activate their intuitive guidance centre, my audio programs are empowering women to stand in their truth all over the globe.


If you are yearning for clarity and connection, ready to develop your inner knowing, committed to creating some serious calm, heart centred magic in your life, join me today from the comfort of your headphones.



Activate your intuition like never before and manifest some serious miracles in your life. It is my honour to guide you ….

:: testimonials ::

This is best thing I have EVER done for myself. I highly recommend this course and all that Kim has to offer. She is a true gift.

Shani C Oakville, ON, Canada
Shani C

Thank you so much! I cried every session releasing a lot of resistance. I loved how soft your voice was and the meditations were vivid, well composed and very touching. It was an amazing and intimate experience and I was looking forward to every session. Namaste!


This was a phenomenal course. I loved the meditation and progressive journey of the mountain. A lot of deep inner work and truly beautiful visualizations. Thank you so much and I hope all women enjoy this course as much as I did! Namaste

Nachelle Collingwood, Canada

This course has been essential to my personal growth. Each daily lesson makes you dig profoundly into an aspect of yourself clearly and effectively … very well thought, designed and transmitted. You do get to know yourself more after the process. So much wisdom, love, care. Will go back to it to remind myself who I am and what I am part of. Thank you Kim, wonderful being.

Alida Miraflores, Peru

…The imagery is exquisite – I could walk right into the scenes and absorb the teachings, through the imagery alone. I will come back to this course over and over. It really spoke to me.

Carrie Los Angeles, CA, USA

I had to run through the course twice to get to a clear an empowered place but it was so worth it. The guidance here really helped me reassess my values and I feel more connected than ever and as a result my thoughts, habits and life has shifted positively. More than ever I feel free and exhilarated to play with my childhood joys while also embracing the powerful woman in me who is ready to make a difference in her own authentic and truthful way. Thank you. xoxo


This course is an adventure. Your visualisations were so marvellous and your voice and choice of words helped a lot to feel on a souls journey. I can strongly recommend this course to anyone.

Sarah-Loreen Berlin, Germany

Thank you very much!! Your course was amazing, I feel like I have grown so much and re-established a connection with my true self- a connection that has been lost since I became a mom, 5 years ago.

Caroline Oliver Knysna, South Africa
Caroline Oliver

I feel an immense gratitude for Kim and this powerful course. These daily meditations have helped me to come home to myself in the most profound and transformative way. Each meditation spoke directly to my heart and womb, helping me to connect more deeply with my inner wisdom . This course is truly a gem! Thank you, thank you wholeheartedly. Namaste!


Truly what I needed, thank you! Every day built on, and was better for me, than the last. I’m very grateful for the wisdom, generosity, and support. And plan to repeat many times.

Kelli Salt Lake City, UT, USA
:: Programs ::
  • Awakening your inner Goddess


    or 4 payments of $7.49 with Afterpay

  • Finding Your Soul’s Purpose


    or 4 payments of $12.49 with Afterpay

  • Release overwhelm, Manifest Miracles


    or 4 payments of $7.49 with Afterpay

  • Sacred Birthing Full Program


    or 4 payments of $74.99 with Afterpay

  • Soul Expansion Training – Amethyst

  • Soul Expansion Training – Moonstone

  • Soul Expansion Training – Rose Quartz


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