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Hi beautiful soul, I am so happy that you’re here.


My name is Kim Newing and I help women find themselves when they need it most.

Yes, you can EXHALE now. You are in the right place at the right time.


Mama Goddess represents a movement of women who want to

awaken their inner fierce Goddess.

These women are yearning to take better care of themselves,

feel more aligned, confident and free.


Sister, if you’re seeking support, if you’re feeling lost and disconnected,

if you desire a happier and more fulfilling life, I can help you.


You see, I am – amongst my other credentials – a professional Believer in Womanly Magic.

Not the type of magic that comes with a cape and wand though, more like the type of divine, instinctive magic that slumbers patiently within each of us, overflowing with potential and

yearning to be awakened. 


I would love you to grab a cup of tea and a comfortable seat and spend some time scrolling

through my website. Here you will find juicy free stuff to help you feel better NOW.

You will also find the products and services I offer to support your journey back home.


It is an honour to welcome you.


Namaste x


“I believe when women give themselves permission to freely express who they are, let go of what they no longer need, trust their inner guidance and honour the miracle that is their body – MAGIC happens.

I believe the body has a divine intelligence and it is longing to be of service to you. My life journey seeking adventure, truth, spirituality and freedom have led me to give back to you. To discover more about the principles I live my life by and how I can support you on your journey,


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P: 0419 326 808

This amazing FREE 10 minute exercise will change your life!

This amazing FREE 10 minute exercise will change your life!

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